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Variant Cover Picks of the Week


Hello Comic Fans!

Welcome to the First Installment of Variant Cover Picks of the Week!


  • CVR B
  • Cover Artist – Lee Bermejo ( @leebermejoart)

Why is it on the list?

I am a HUGE Superman fan, so you can expect 1 or 2 Superman covers on this list each week! 

As far as this cover goes, it scores big on COOL factor and definitely speaks to what Superman is as a symbol for hope. 

Amazing Spider-Man #8

  • 1:25 Ratio Incentive
  • Cover Artist – Patrick Gleason (@patrick_gleason)

Why is it on the list?

The next installment for the current Amazing Spider-Man run!

Homage Cover AND New suit! And according to the solicitation, some new gadgets for Spidey as well! 

Damage Control #1

  • CVR B
  • Cover Artist – Will Robson ( @robsonink)

Why is it on the list?

NEW SERIES that looks to be more light-hearted book among the heavier storylines currently in print. Cover itself has a lot of action and comedy so it sets up the book better than the main cover honestly. SPEC POTENTIAL in that Damage Control has been a part of a few Marvel series in the MCU

Deathstroke INC. #12

  • CVR C Lapham Swimsuit Variant
  • Cover Artist – David Lapham ( @DavidALapham)

Why is it on the list?

This year DC has been putting out swimsuit variants for the summer, and most are run of the mill showcasing characters in swimsuits. 

David Lapham turned his cover up a notch and added some ACTION! Definitely a COOL COVER to pick up for Deathstroke fans and the series itself has been one to enjoy so far!

Department of Truth #20

  • CVR C 1:50 Ratio Incentive
  • Cover Art – Martin Simmonds ( @martinsimmonds)

Why is it on the list?

Department of Truth is still going strong, and one thing you cannot deny is the twist and turns it takes with each arc.

SPEC potential for KEY event in this issue, with a show rumored in the works every issue will matter sooner than later.

Also, this cover specifically could be a low print run due to being a ratio incentive and might be an easy catch at a reasonable price upon release. 

End After End #1

  • 1:50 Ratio Incentive
  • Cover Artist – Jason Shawn Alexander ( @jasonshawnalex)

Why is it on the list?

Another new series from an indie studio ( Vault Comics) with killer art gets this one on the list in a hurry!

Indie Studios with high ratio covers always have the biggest potential for low print runs. Series has an interesting premise that could keep it going for a long time. 

**Keep an eye out for the 1:75 and 1:100 for a decent price. similar art for both with color variations


  • CVR B 1:5 Ratio Incentive
  • Cover Artist – no credit given

A really awesome video game HOMAGE COVER to one of the best Legend of Zelda games to come out ( Breath of the Wild)

Should be a very easy pick up if you have not already added to your pull list. Bonus points for more bands making comics!

Fantastic Four #46

  • Superlog Predator Variant
  • Cover Artist – Superlog ( @superlog)

Why is it on the list?

Marvel coming in with another Predator crossover cover. This one is very COOL COVER, detail on predator and F4 look great and very action oriented.

SPEC potential of KEY issue with confirmed FIRST APPEARANCE of Reed Richad’s Sister!

Grim #4

  • CVR F FOC Reveal
  • Cover Artist – Morgan Beem( @morganbeem)

Why is it on the list?

Grim is another great title from the studio bringing you the last hot title in Something is Killing the Children ( BOOM! Studios)

This issue has SPEC potential introducing KEY events to this still fresh series.

This Cover itself has potential for low print run as it was only announced on FOC ( Final Order Cut-Off) Day so very limited time to order copies.

The very black cover as well will make it a difficult task to get 9.8 grading.


Harley Quinn #21

  • CVR C
  • Cover Artist – Ryan Sook( @rsookart)

Why is it on the list?

30 years of Harley Quinn continues with another great HOMAGE cover. This time Ryan Sook takes on THE KILLING JOKE.

Great addition for Harly Quinn collection!

Minor Threats #1

  • CVR B
  • Cover Artist – Mike Mignola( @artofmm)

Why is it on the list?

New Series for DARK HORSE with a look at how superheroes affect the little (bad) guys. 

Mignola has a style all his own and helps bring a creepy factor to this cover!

Pick it up if you enjoy Mignola’s art style and stay for the story!

Robin #17

  • CVR C 1:25 Ratio Incentive
  • Cover Artist – Clayton Henry( @claytonhenryart)

Why is it on the list?

This issue ends the current Robin arc and setups potential changes for Damien in the DCU.

SPEC potential for KEY events in the book, as well as potential LOW PRINT on the incentive.

Star Wars: Darth Vader#26

  • Maleev Variant
  • Cover Artist – Alex Maleev @alexmaleev)

Why is it on the list?

Maleev’s style really stands out on this COOL COVER!

Definitely pick up for any and all Darth Vader collectors.

Swamp Thing #16

  • CVR B
  • Cover Artist – Brian Bolland

Why is it on the list?

Cover artist alone brings this one to the list! 

The great Brian Bolland really pushed the detail on this one to the max. It is a creepy technohorror COOL COVER. 

The book is also potential for KEY SPEC being arc finale for the current swamp thing run. Who knows what next holds for Swamp Thing!

Well that was the list! Hope you enjoyed it. Drop a comment on our socials and we will definitely respond!

Until next time, stay safe and happy collecting!

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Modern Madness Chase – June 27th 2022

W.E.B. of Spider-Man #1 Disney California Attraction variant

Hello Everyone!

Jean again! And welcome to the first edition of Modern Madness Chase!

This will be series revolving around modern comic books (released in the past 5-10 years) that I am currently buying multiple copies for collecting and flipping. Many of these books will be under $15. Very affordable books with a lot of upside.

Legion of X #1 Cover A

1. Legion of X #1

  • Released by Marvel on May 2022
  • First Appearances of Weaponless Zsen, Ora Serrata, Mother Righteous, and Skin Jacker
  • I am a total sucker for comics issue that have 3 or more 1st appearances. I bought 100 copies of Strange Academy #1, War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1, and Star Wars The High Republic #1 and that did wonders to help me flip them to used the funds to chase my blue chips keys.
  • A great pickup at cover price, with a few variant covers that can be had on the cheap as well ( 1:10, 1:25 and 1:50)

2. Batman #107

  • Released by DC on April 2021
  • First appearances of Gardener, The Instigator, Madame Midas, Kid Kawaii, Brainstorm, Razorline.
  • Personally, a huge fan of James Tynion and everything he is doing is gold.
  • This issue is cover price and just great to collect or read in its own right

3. W.E.B of Spider-Man #1

  • Released by Marvel on June 2021
  • First Appearance of Harley Keener in comics. He was the kid in Iron Man 3 movie.
  • I actually like the character in Iron Man 3 and I actually enjoy the movie. Marvel squeezed him into Avengers: Endgame with all the major heroes for the reason.
  • This one has a few chase covers that have quickly raised in price making this a very desirable book

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Second Appearance Sunday – June 26 2022

Amazing Spider-Man

Second Appearance Sunday 6/26/22

Hi, Jean again and welcome to the first edition of Second Appearance Sunday! This will be a weekly series covering Second Appearances you should keep an eye on.

Before we get into the list, let me tell you I have been collecting comics for over 40 years and I never cared about chasing down 2nd appearances.

I have friends who collected 2nd and sometime 3rd appearances. Back then I thought 2nd and 3rd appearances were junk books!

Fast forward to the beginning of 2021, trapped at home because of Covid and realizing some 1st appearance are now beyond my price range. My collector friends who I laughed at for collecting 2nd appearances are now laughing at me while I chase down 2nd appearances.

I understand now that I was a snob in thinking that 2nd and 3rd appearances were junk!

These days, I actually have a collection of 2nd appearances even if I have the 1st appearances already.

So I now present to you 2nd appearances that I have secured or I am currently chasing down.


Amazing Spider-Man #9

1. Spider-Gwen

  • Amazing Spider-Man #9 – January 2015
  • Who doesn’t like Spider-Gwen after Spider-man Into the Spider-verse 1? And she will play another huge role in Enter the Spider-Verse 2.
  • There is a huge price difference between 1st and 2nd appearance of Spider-Gwen.
  • Spider-Verse 2 is coming soon and details are pouring out quickly. New fans might not be able to afford the 1st appearance and will quickly become attracted to the 2nd appearance due to price.
  • This is an easy 2nd appearance to pick up now
  • Recent eBay sales data – $30 Raw copy; $79 CGC 9.6; $200 CGC 9.8; $153 CGC 9.8 comicxposure variant
  • Bonus covers to hunt below!

Hulk #182

2. Wolverine

  • Incredible Hulk #182 – December 1974
  • Depending on who you ask this is 2nd or 3rd appearance. You know the debate will continue for eternity
  • A must for any Marvel, X-Men, and/or Wolverine collector. Great for your personal collection or as an investment
  • Recent eBay sales data – $120 RAW copy; $370 CGC 8.5; $200 CGC 7.5

Uncanny X-Men #130

3. Kitty Pryde & Emma Frost

  • Uncanny X-Men #130 – February 1980
  • Double Dose of Second Appearance!
  • Bonus Time! 1st appearance of Dazzler and Sebastian Shaw
  • I feel this key issue is so undervalue and under with so many characters that can be used in MCU.
  • Another great pick up for any X-Men collecto
  • Recent eBay sales data – $75-105 RAW copies; $154 CGC 9.0; $198 CGC 9.2; $1895 CGC 9.8(!!!)

Vengeance #2

4. America Chavez

  • Vengeance #2 – October 2011
  • If you liked the MCU version of America Chavez played by Xoxhitl Gomez and think $1000 is too expensive. You can get the next best thing for a tenth of the price ($100).
  • To be totally honest I was not on the America Chavez hype train. After watching Doctor Strange 2, I wish I had picked up a copy earlier of her 1st and 2nd appearance
  • Recent eBay sales data – $35 RAW copy; $58 CGC 9.6;

X-force #2

5. Deadpool

  • X-Force # 2 – September 1991
  • It is insane to me that New Mutant #98 (Deadpool’s 1st appearance) is $1500 (CGC 9.8) but his 2nd appearance is $75, both in CGC 9.8.
  • Great time to grab a copy while Deadpool 3 is still in production
  • Recent eBay sales data – $20 RAW copy; $55 CGC 9.6; $80 CGC 9.8

Journey into Mystery #88

6. Loki

  • Journey Into Mystery #88 – January 1963
  • Bonus Time! 1st appearance of Odin and 2nd appearance of Balder
  • I actually had 3 copies of Loki 1st appearance but after the price increase after the first Avengers movie. I thought his 1st appearance hit the price ceiling and sold all 3 copies. This is why I don’t day trade in the stock market.
  • Currently I don’t own Journey into Mystery #85 and #88 but one day they will be both mine again!
  • Even in low grade this is a great pickup due to the significance of the book
  • Recent eBay sales data – $ 160 RAW copy; $570 CGC 3.5; $800 CGC 5.0; $1250 CGC 6.0

Hero for Hire #2

7. Luke Cage

  • Hero for Hire #2 – August 1972
  • Bonus Time! 1st appearance of Claire Temple. She is the glue that holds Neflix’s Marvel TV series together.
  • Rumors is Luke Cage and the rest Netflix’s marvel characters will be back on Disney+ and I am uber excited to see them back!
  • Recent eBay sales data – $41 RAW copy; $74 CGC 7.0; $105 CGC 8.0

Tomb of Dracula #12

8. Blade

  • Tomb of Dracula #12 – September 1973
  • Bonus Time! 1st appearance of Saffron Caulder, Blade’s girlfriend
  • Blade is coming people! I can’t wait to see him back on screen, especially after the Eternals post credit scene teaser.
  • I grew up watching the Blade movies and still remember being excited waiting in the movie line.
  • Recent eBay sales data – $60 RAW copy; $1000 CGC 9.4;
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Spotlight of the Week June 24th 2022

Hello Comic Community!

My name is Jean-Binh, and this is some of my collector origin story!

I was one of those collectors who always tried to buy 2 of everything.

Hot new toys



Awesome covers!



Trading Cards

young Beard

With toys I had one mint in package and one to open and enjoy. Along with one that went in a storage box for safe keeping.

If it was a comic, a copy would go in my collection box which never saw the light of day again, and a copy to read until the staples fell out.

Of course, I did not always have the money to have 2 identical collections, but I was lucky enough that my personal choices pay off.

One of my favorites that comes to mind is Marvel Special Edition #15, the first appearance of Shang-Chi!

I am a HUGE Bruce Lee fan, and when it comes to comics Shang-Chi is close enough.

At one time , I possessed fourteen copies of Marvel Special Edition #15. Six of which were CGC 9.6 slabs.

I have since sold all but 2 copies.

Reason why? Well to pay for my other grail comics that I was chasing.

Which brings me to the topic of my weekly posts, I will be sharing first appearances of characters that I am chasing or have chased.

You will learn the reason why I am personally chasing these books, with the hope my personal chase for particular first appearances will help you uncover some gems.

I am planning to cover 3 categories.

Spotlight of the Week will generally have first appearances across all comics eras.

Modern Madness Chase are comics that I am buying multiple copies that you can buy too and are less than $15. Most of which have released in the past decade.

Grail category is comics that I personally considered as a comic that 100% has to be in my collection so I am actively chasing a copy.

With that said! Let’s get into


Tales of Suspense #77

1. Peggy Carter

  • First Appearance – Tales of Suspense 77 by Marvel on May 1966
  • So who did not love Captain Carter in What if tv series? Now she is in the MCU, you know definitely Marvel has more plans
  • I have loved Peggy Carter ever since first the Captain America movie.
  • Market is still debating if Peggy will be a good investment. I am still undecided, but definitely needs to be in my personal collection
  • Most Recent eBay sales data – $140 RAW copy, $345 CGC 5.0, $750 CGC 7.0

Peggy Carter is a Fan favorite that Marvel knows people want more to see more involved in the MCU.

With her recent series released and an appearance in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, this is a character that has staying power.

Notable Covers

  • Avengers Forever #1 2021 – First Cover Appearances Captain Carter
  • Captain Carter #1 2022 – First Solo Series
  • Captain Carter #1 2022 – 1:25 Incentive “What If?” Variant

2. Starfox Aka Eros

  • First Appearance – Captain Marvel #27 by Marvel on July 1973
  • Starfox aka Eros is known as the brother of Thanos
  • I was reading the Avengers during the time Starfox joined in the 80’s. I have been a fan of Starfox ever since.
  • It blew my mind when he showed up in The Eternals and that he is now part of the MCU!
  • Harry Styles! Seriously I think he is the perfect person to play a perfect girl chasing, funny, and charming character
  • Most recent eBay sales data – $90 RAW copy; $158 CGC 6.5; $65 CGC 4.5

Notable Covers

  • Avengers #232 1983 – Eros renamed Starfox; Joins Avengers

3. Sam Alexander ( NOVA)

Marvel Point One #1 2011
  • First Appearance – Marvel Point One #1 by Marvel on November 2011
  • I see that Marvel green light for him to be in the MCU
  • I think Nova will be Sam Alexander and not Richard Rider. Marvel has been pushing Alexander on us from the Spider-Man cartoon to action figures to video games
  • Personally, I am on the fence where I like Nova or not as a character, but I feel he will be part of the MCU future so definitely good spec opportunity
  • Most recent eBay sales data – $34 RAW copy; $116 CGC 9.2; $300 CGC 9.8

Notable Covers

  • Nova #11 2016 – First meeting of Nova, Richard Rider and Nova, Sam Alexander

4. Yelena Belova

Inhumans #5 1999
  • First Appearance – Inhumans #5 by Marvel on March 1999
  • I have to admit, I was not very happy when I first heard that Florence Pugh will be replacing Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, but after the Black Widow Movie and Hawkeye Tv show, I am happy to say that Pugh totally won me over.
  • Florence was totally funny and a well-rounded Yelena Belova. She was also the highlight in the Hawkeye Tv Series
  • Marvel definitely pays attention to fan reception, so more screen time is to be expected for Yelena
  • Most Recent eBay sales data – $70 RAW copy; $100 CGC 9.2; $500 CGC 9.8
  • Thunderbolts #128 2009 – First Team appearance of new Thunderbolts, including Black Widow ( Yelena Belova)
  • Marvel Knights Wave 2 Sketchbook #1 1999 – 1st partial cover appearance and sketch preview of Black Widow, Yelena Belova

5. Voltron

  • First Appearance – Voltron #1 by Modern Comics on April 1985
  • A live action movie has been announced and studios are fighting to get the rights
  • This is one of my favorite cartoons in the 80’s and has a huge fanbase
  • Something to consider about this comic has a low print run because it was published by an independent comic publisher called Modern Comics.
  • As of this date there are only 787 graded copies by CGC. Go get a copy now people.
  • Most Recent eBay sales data – $600 CGC 9.8; $100 CGC 8.0